Carl King — Grand Architects of the Universe (2017)

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Carl King — Grand Architects of the Universe (2017) Исполнитель: Carl King (USA)

Название альбома: Grand Architects of the Universe

Стиль: Progressive Rock

Год выпуска: 2017

Размер: 159 Mb


01. Overture Hero\’s Ship Destroyed (feat. Dave Elitch)
02. The Unexpected Techronicity of the Network Galaxy\’s Most Evil of All (feat. Marco Minnemann & Mark Borchardt)
03. Lieutenant Space Gravy Drinker Loses the Napkin with the Antiprism Coordinates (feat. Travis Orbin)
04. Beware! The Theoretical Giant Atomic Cyborg Chicken (feat. Thomas Lang)
05. Stranded in yet Another Dark Galaxy (feat. Mike Keneally)
06. Attacked by Legion of Ikek (Ship Destroyed Again) [feat. Mike Keneally & Morgan Agren]
07. Escape to Alpha Ecliptus II Commander Johnny Thrust Joins the Fight (feat. Phi Yaan-Zek)
08. Into the Inky Black Nostril of Zorbon (feat. Thomas Lang & Jake Willson)
09. Xenu Prime Curse This Nebulous Nebula! (feat. Mike Keneally)
10. Finale The Beginning of the Eschaton (feat. Marco Minnemann)
11. Cabbageworm Eggs for Sale (feat. Dweezil Zappa & Virgil Donati)
12. The Twenty-Faced Cosmic Mystery of the Cosmos (feat. Mike Stone)
13. Death Waltz for Stick and Bassoon (feat. Josh Goldberg & Monte Namadio)
14. Odyssey of the Hungry Hound
15. Kull The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune

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