Obszon Geschopf — 15 Years Of Bloody Nightmares (2015)

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Obszon Geschopf — 15 Years Of Bloody Nightmares (2015) Исполнитель: Obszon Geschopf (France)

Название альбома: 15 Years Of Bloody Nightmares

Стиль: Dark Electro

Год выпуска: 2015

Размер: 492 Mb


CD1: Day Of Suffering (Unreleased Demo)

01. The Beast

02. Sodomite Vice

03. Day Of Suffering

04. Dead Part Of Bodies

05. Damnation

06. Taste The Death

07. Sexual Slave

08. Montain Of Corpse

09. Life Of Debauchery

10. New Church (Yell Of Fright)

11. Bite From The Grave (Yell Of Fright)

12. I\’m Pain (Yell Of Fright)

13. No More Game (Son Of Evil)

14. Desease (Son Of Evil)

CD2 (2004-2013)

01. Pussy Juice (Before Evisceration) — Unreleased Track

02. Sex In The Crypt (Tomb Of The Dead)

03. God Damn (Tomb Of The Dead)

04. Perversion (Tomb Of The Dead)

05. Coffin Shop (Tomb Of The Dead)

06. Sinister Bleeding (Tomb Of The Dead)

07. Bloodfeast (Erection Body Mutilated)

08. Goresex (Erection Body Mutilated)

09. The Love Butcher (Erection Body Mutilated)

10. Port Elizabeth Massacre (Erection Body Mutilated)

11. Carnage In The Street Of LA (Symphony Of Decay)

12. Bloody Ice Cream (Symphony Of Decay)

13. How I Eat Your Mother (Highway Of Horrors)

CD3: Remixes

01. The Price Of Delight (Remix By Tamtrum)

02. My First Piece Of Meat (Remix By Joachim Witt)

03. Bloodfeast (Remix By Terrorfakt)

04. Highway Of Horros (Remix By People Theater)

05. Coffin Shop (Remix By Stin Scatzor)

06. Dead And Buried (Remix By Slave Unit)

07. Deranged (Remix By K.I.F.F.O.T.H.)

08. Erection Body Mutilated (Remix By Portion Control)

09. Highway Of Horrors (Remix By Hardwire)

10. 2 Headlights Appear On The Road To The Carnival (Remix By The Gothsicles)

11. Ogre Of Montana (Remix By Homicidal Suicide)

12. Perversion (Remix By Sleepwalk)

13. Port Elizabeth Massacre (Remix By Amgod)

14. I\’m Freak (Remix By Psychicold)

15. Slasher Night (Remix By Society Burning)

Label :Cemetery — – CR002



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